I had this requirement at work where I had to automate the creation of MongoDB cluster with Terraform this week. Since terraform provider is still new in town and evolving, it took me a bit of time to figure things out.

So, I felt like writing this blog to make it simple for folks out there looking for building the same. Following are the 5 simple steps to terraform this bad boy.

Disclaimer: I’ll not be getting into the details of terraform syntaxes and concepts since this is not a terraform course.


  1. Basic understanding of Terraform concepts and Terraform CLI

We all know how painful it can be to set up a complete authentication flow all by ourselves even if it’s with our awesome Rails 5.

It’s not just the difficulty, it’s the things we need to cover and be careful about while setting up authentication flow ourselves since it’s going to be ‘The Wall’ (Sorry about the GOT reference :P) protecting our apps.

So, this article is a tutorial on setting up complete authentication flow from scratch with JWT tokens in minutes using devise and devise JWT gems with a Rails 5 API application.

Basic understanding of Ruby on…

Nandhagopal Ezhilmaran

Senior Consultant - Developer | DevOps Enthusiast | Automobile Enthusiast

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